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How You Can Use Experiential Events to Convert Shoppers Into Customers

May 22, 2018

Consumers are demanding more than convenience and great prices when it comes to new product purchases. In the last several years, brands are experimenting more with new marketing methods which include experiences such as test drives and free trials.

However, while it can be easy to try out a new online service like Netflix prior to purchasing, for other products — a new UTV or rifle — it can be difficult to find the right avenue to really experience it. And finding the ideal location is critical, considering testing the products before purchase is often the deciding factor in a consumer’s decision to make the purchase.

Enter TexPlex Park: Your one-stop-shop for experiential events and group outings. TexPlex offers the perfect place to “try before you buy” or test out already-purchased products in a unique and versatile environment.

So, what kind of products can be tested at TexPlex? Let’s break it down further.

Motorsport Equipment

TexPlex allows dealers to showcase motorsport equipment the way it was intended and the way drivers want to use it. Boasting 1,000 acres of property, there is plenty of room to play, including more than 5 miles of diverse off-road trails and a 1.8-mile UTV short-course track.

Dealers can leave parking lots in the dust and allow their customers to test drive in an unconstrained location that will highlight some of their products’ best features. Dealers can then follow-up after those trials with an event at Blaine Stone Lodge to showcase the full product line, give a presentation, and even host an appreciation dinner.

All experiential motorsport events include:

  • Fully Customizable Experience
  • Outdoor Space to Test Any Motorsport Vehicle
  • State-of-the-Art Meeting Space with WIFI & Oversized Projector Screen
  • Breakout Rooms for Smaller Groups
  • World-Class Chef
  • Personal Event Coordinator

Shotguns & Bows

Gun store owners can bolster sales by hosting an event at TexPlex Park to allow their potential customers to experience a new kind of shooting adventure. Prospective gun owners can attend the event to try their new rifle or shotgun through the world’s most advanced training system. TexPlex Park offers a two-lane indoor shooting range where visitors can shoot real bullets through a reactive screen that displays more than 1,000 different scenarios, ranging from real-life active-shooter situations to adventure focused zombie hunts.

TexPlex is the ideal location for both novice shooters and advanced gunmen, as the range offers the ability to schedule a private one-on-one session or tackle the indoor gun range with a group. And guns are not the only product you can test on TexPlex’s gun range: Retailers can also host an event to showcase their archery equipment to allow customers to take aim at something other than traditional paper targets.

Boating & Fishing

Experiential marketing at TexPlex includes more than experiencing a new gun or test driving a side-by-side. Dealers can also take hydroplaning to a new level by highlighting their jet boats or a new line of jet-skis. TexPlex offers an expansive canal to maximize adventure opportunities.

TexPlex Park also offers an ideal location to take a new fishing boat for a spin. Beginners and expert fisherman alike can grab their rods and poles, take to the waters, and hone their fishing skills.

Test Drive Somewhere Different

Experiential marketing helps create real connections between the customer and the brand. Companies can use these product-testing experiences to engage people in a unique brand-related activity, that can ultimately lead to more sales.

Reach out to one of our Event Planners today to learn more about how to take your brand to the next level through an experiential marketing event!


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