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Planning the Perfect Outing at TexPlex for a Large Corporate Event

June 25, 2018

Forget trust falls, tiresome presentations, and eye-rolling icebreaker games. Try something more exciting for your company’s next office outing. Outdoor team building events are a great way to get the whole staff together away from the office and will give them a chance to bond, stretch their legs (and minds), and breathe in some fresh air.

Whether you have a local office of 100+ employees, or remote staff coming in town for an annual gathering, planning a large corporate event is stressful and time-consuming — not to mention the difficulty in finding an appropriate venue that will appeal to your team’s varying personalities, tastes, and ages.

Close enough for a day trip and far enough away to break free of the concrete jungle, TexPlex Park offers the perfect venue, entertainment, food/beverage, and meeting space to host your next office outing.

Not sure where to start? Below we explore what a typical large corporate event at TexPlex Park can look like — from sunrise to sundown — and share tips for planning the perfect outdoor team building experience your staff is sure to remember.

8:00 a.m. — Breakfast & Kick-Off at Blaine Stone Lodge

Rise and shine, it’s time to get started! And it all kicks off with a hot breakfast at Blaine Stone Lodge, our 10,000 square-foot event venue adjacent to TexPlex.

Parking is easy right there at Blaine Stone Lodge, where you’ll be greeted at the door with southern hospitality. Gear up for the day’s events with fried eggs, bacon, waffles, hot coffee, and all your favorite morning fixings. Blaine Stone Lodge offers an industrial-sized kitchen where our professional chefs prepare the perfect food and beverages of your choosing.

The Lodge also provides all chairs, tables, and a/v equipment for all your presentation needs in between TexPlex excursions. Pump up your team with a motivational speech and a short presentation outlining the day’s events, meetings, and guidelines to set expectations and get everyone excited.

9:00 a.m. — Networking in the Main Hall

After a hearty breakfast, it’s time for some quality networking. Enjoy delicious mimosas and dive into serious brainstorming or networking in the main room at Blaine Stone Lodge. Email access is readily available for all employees with our high-speed WiFi.

10:00 a.m. — Split Up for Alternating Small-Group Meetings & Excursions

With 100+ employees, not everyone can be together at all times during your large corporate event (and small groups or breakouts are typically a beneficial part of these gatherings).

Our breakout rooms are equipped with a/v and large TVs so your smaller groups have a comfortable place to meet while alternating between sessions and excursions. Your 20-person accounting team can go into one room for a strategy session, while the sales team takes to trails at TexPlex Park for some off-road riding.

With more than 5 miles of off-road trails and a 1.8-mile UTV track, there is plenty of room to play. Experience our UTV thrill ride, where your sales team can take turns sitting shotgun in a race-ready 4×4 UTV.

Mix and match teams to ensure an optimum outdoor team building experience! Send some of your finance and marketing professionals to the indoor gun range in between their breakout sessions, and let them practice their aim in the live-fire simulator. Meanwhile, your analytics team can take a break from spreadsheets and let off some steam on the 6-station sporting clays course.

12:00 p.m. — Team Lunch

After the morning sessions, return to Blaine Stone Lodge so everyone can enjoy a customizable lunch in the main hall. Create a slideshow to engage your employees during the lunch break, and showcase it on our new screen and projector to inspire your team and spur ideas.

1:00 — Afternoon Break & Small-Group Meetings

Let the lunch settle by setting aside time to answer emails, mingle with co-workers, or host a brainstorming session. You can also utilize the breakout rooms for more small-group meetings before heading back to the park.

2:00 p.m. — Sand Volleyball Competition

Spark some friendly competition with a volleyball tournament on TexPlex’s pristine sand court. Volleyball games create a great opportunity to channel your team’s energy into a positive experience. You can even create commemorative team T-shirts, company swag, or Texas bandanas to mark the occasion. And no tournament is complete without an award for the first-, second-, and third-place winners! Create ribbons or certificates for the winners, or a coveted trophy to pass around for bragging rights year after year.

4:00 p.m. — Jet Sprint Boat Rides & Motocross Training

Split up into groups for individualized experiences based on employee preferences. Test out our new custom-made jet sprint boat built with a Corvette engine. Interested team members can experience the thrill of the 430 HorsePower boat across the park’s 2,000-foot man-made canal. Meanwhile, others can visit the bike park, ideal for all levels of riding. Employees can take a lesson, learn a new trick, or sign up for a clinic with a professional instructor.

5:30 p.m. — Employee Appreciation Dinner

After a full day of activities, take your team back to Blaine Stone Lodge for a customizable dinner. Let your signature cocktails lighten the mood, while you prepare a presentation highlighting the company’s quarterly achievements and exemplary employees. Recognition and awards are an important part of any large corporate event. Do not forget to shine a spotlight on those who met and exceeded their goals. Finally, end the night with gourmet dessert and networking by the fire pits on the patio.

No day with TexPlex Park is the same, because each gathering is uniquely tailored to your company. This one-of-a-kind outdoor team building experience allows you to escape the pressures of your daily routine, build community among your staff, and inspire company goals. Contact us to start planning your large corporate event today!


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