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TexPlex Park Launches Custom-Made Jet Sprint Boat Built With a Corvette Engine

May 24, 2018

TexPlex Park is excited to announce the addition of a new custom-made jet sprint boat. Built with a Corvette engine, the high-performance boat is designed to skim the water with its powerful air jets that pump more than 60 gallons per second.

Jet Boats

TexPlex visitors can experience the thrill of the 430 HorsePower jet sprint boat across the park’s 2,000-foot man-made canal. Captained by a professional driver, riders are taken on an exhilarating adventure filled with skilled maneuvers and expert spin-outs.

“We are excited to give our guests the opportunity to experience the power and handling of sprint boat racing through our one-of-a-kind boat,” said Tommy Kehoe, President of TexPlex Park. “Launching this boat in our man-made canal builds on our vision of giving our guests access to extraordinary activities in a beautiful recreational setting. It is certain to add some more adrenaline and thrill to the corporate events, birthday parties, and bucket list missions we have coming through TexPlex Park and Blaine Stone Lodge.”


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