Why we
do this

What would you build
if you could build anything?

When we asked ourselves that question,
here’s how we arrived at our answer:


  • We love stuff that is fun to do and to watch
  • We love it when spectators and participants share the richness of one experience
  • We want to provide people with a sense of accomplishment
  • We love providing the opportunity for distinct, immersive experiences

Ultimately, our answer became TexPlex Park, an innovative, thousand-acre development meant to be enjoyed by friends and families, where memories are born out of the excitement and awe of our remarkable attractions and recreation parks.

TexPlex is meant to be a visual landscape like no other, a blend of action sports and innovative experiences that overwhelm the senses. But the goal is for curiosity to become action. 

We want to give guests a taste of their own backyard dreamland, curating a menu of excursions that lend themselves to the kinds of memories that can be retold with unrelenting enthusiasm and rehashed with future visits. We hope that our vision of fun is shared and enjoyed by many.

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