President and Co-Founder

Tommy grew up in Pittsburgh, home of the Six-Time Super Bowl Champions. If he could travel back in time, he would go to each of those Super Bowls.

Tommy began brainstorming TexPlex in late 2015. From that point on, he has focused most of his time on developing a master plan and building a team to make the project come to life. By ensuring his team succeeds, he ensures TexPlex guests have a memorable visit.


Favorite “Pop”:  Root Beer. (He’s not from around here.)

The Coolest Thing He’s Ever Done:  Marry a girl named Britt and get a dog named Otis.

Favorite Quote: “The best things in life are the experiences that bring you closer to yourself or others.”


Director of Operations

Casey grew up in Aloha, Oregon. As a kid, she wanted to become a family law attorney, but she’s the Director of Operations for TexPlex and thinks it’s one of the coolest things she’s ever done. Her aspirations now include a wine tour in Italy, showing her son the world, and/or having a house in the Caribbean.

“The best things in life are the experiences that create forever memories, laughing with friends and family until your cheeks hurt, watching my little boy grow up, and relaxing on a sandy beach somewhere tropical.”

Casey isn’t very coordinated on a bicycle, so don’t ride tandem with her. She loves driving, though, and can run many of the machines at TexPlex. Don’t be surprised if you see her hop out of a UTV and into an excavator to move some dirt. She loves to drive fast so if you ride with her, wear a seat belt.



Chief Dirt Officer (self appointed)

Joe grew up in Parma, Ohio. As a child, he wanted to be a science teacher. As an adult, he puts that interest to use rearranging dirt into courses that garnish the attention of amateur and pro bike park enthusiasts alike. That’s biology. He dabbles in chemistry simply by drinking Jolt Cola.

His work at TexPlex isn’t just theory. Joe has (and does) spend his fair share of time on a bike. The coolest thing he’s ever done was racing his bike down the Inca Trail in Peru. He’s a great teacher, too, finding great pleasure in teaching people new bike skills or how to land a backflip.

A family man at heart, Joe works hard to build opportunities for his family and others to make memories, but he’s also working toward retirement. If you moved all the earth he has, you’d be ready, too.


Trail Boss

Joe Carroll only has one speed and it’s full throttle. A native to the area, Joe C. grew up in McKinney where, as a child, he wanted to be a bicycle racer. (Talk about living your dreams.) Now he works to create and maintain trails and jumps at the TexPlex bike park. Someday he hopes to ride trails in New Zealand, but for now he’s still riding off the excitement from having had a trail session with Bill Allen who played Cru Jones in the movie Rad.

According to Joe, the best things in life are “a cool breeze on a summer day and a blue grooved line in the woods.”

Rich Vieira 

Director of Motors


Rich grew up in the Dallas/Fort Worth area where he grew up wrenching on cars and motorcycles. In college he became interested in theatre. His background in gymnastics led him to working in live action stunt shows that eventually progress into working as a stuntman for TV, film, and commercials in California. He’s been lucky enough to turn his hobbies into a career. TexPlex gives him a regular dose of adventure without setting him on fire. He loves what he does, and his enthusiasm is contagious.

Favorite soda: root beer

“The best things in life are EARNED and not just handed to you.”



Social Affairs Committee

Otis was born in the suburbs of Beaumont, Texas. Known to move from one tennis ball to the next with little regard, he is a man of true Texas conviction and goes for what he wants.

The coolest thing he’s ever done was cornering a squirrel in a shed and finally tagging someone else as “it”. The squirrel was not harmed but remains to be “it”.

Board of Advisors

We created the TexPlex Board of Advisors to surround ourselves with the best minds in the industry. These folks advise and brainstorm ways for us to provide safe and thrilling attractions that stay on the cutting-edge of entertainment.

Ed Mumm

Dig This, America’s Heavy Equipment Playground

Robert Cox

Obsession Racing, 2x American Sprint Boat Champion

Curtis Kirchmeier

TORN Racing, the largest off-road series in Texas

Graham Forshee

Sun Time Watersports, spin and cruise boat attractions.

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