Tommy Kehoe

President and Co-Founder
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Social Affairs Committee
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President and Co-Founder

Tommy grew up in Pittsburgh, home of the Six-Time Super Bowl Champions. If he could travel back in time, he would go to each of those Super Bowls.

Tommy began brainstorming TexPlex in late 2015. From that point on, he has focused most of his time on developing a master plan and building a team to make the project come to life. By ensuring his team succeeds, he ensures TexPlex guests have a memorable visit.


Favorite “Pop”:  Root Beer. (He’s not from around here.)

The Coolest Thing He’s Ever Done:  Marry a girl named Britt and get a dog named Otis.

Favorite Quote: “The best things in life are the experiences that bring you closer to yourself or others.”


Social Affairs Committee

Otis was born in the suburbs of Beaumont, Texas. Known to move from one tennis ball to the next with little regard, he is a man of true Texas conviction and goes for what he wants.

The coolest thing he’s ever done was cornering a squirrel in a shed and finally tagging someone else as “it”. The squirrel was not harmed but remains to be “it”.

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